We love pets and provide the best filtered water for our thirsty friends

Thirsty Pet aims to provide clean water for all pets while also making it readily available and convenient for pet owners on the move. We use APEC water purification and filter systems to help deliver fresh clean water directly from our Tucson home base. The product comes in recyclable plastic bowls ranging in 4 sizes to meet your pets specific needs, whether they’re sitting next to you on an airplane or walking beside you on the open trail. By offering high quality water, Thirsty Pet’s goal is to help pet owners maintain the healthiest, happiest, and longest life possible with their beloved pets.

Our Products

3oz Bowl

Perfect for tiny pets: puppers, birds, lizards, etc.

8oz Bowl

Ideal for small sized pets: small doggos, kitty cats, ferrets, etc.

14oz Bowl

Great for medium sized pets: doggos, large cats, pot belly pig boys, etc.

20oz Bowl

Best for large sized pets: big doggos, horsies, goats, etc.

APEC purified water goes into every single one of our Thirsty Pet bowls.

APEC complete water purification system ensures clean water free of all contaminants including: Chlorine, Flouride, Leptospira, Cryptospordium, Fecal Coliform, Ecoli, Gaiardia Lambli, and many other harmful chemicals and bacteria.


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